Audience Management

You can have the greatest video content in the world – but, if you don’t have the audience to watch it, it’s useless.

In order to establish your brand and ultimately, reach your organisation’s objectives, your audience needs to be the right size. Whilst the ‘right’ size for one club may be entirely different to another’s, the important thing is knowing what’s ‘right’ for yours. So, how do you grow your audience to reach that sweet spot?

Kelika TV supports you with a suite of marketing tools that extend your reach, grow and engage your audience. We recognise, however, that you need a combination of quantity and quality; there is little point in having a huge audience if they’re all irrelevant. Kelika TV can provide you with an account manager to ensure that your marketing is targeted and strategic.

Services from your allocated audience manager include:

  • Working with your organisation to define a comprehensive and effective digital strategy
  • Management of marketing and promotion to ensure sufficient – and relevant – channel visits
  • Overseeing that viewer numbers increase in line with audience strategy
  • Operation and management of promotional online marketing
  • Facilitation of blog publications to further engage your audience and establish your brand
  • Management of a complete SEM campaign, including keyword research and social media management