Bopara tv


England and Essex cricketer Ravi Bopara was awarded a benefit year by his club Essex Cricket. In recent times the success of benefit events has declined and the committee was looking for a new way of engaging with supporters.


Kelika developed a web TV platform as an alternative to traditional benefit activities to engage supporters and sponsors to raise vital funds for the sport and other charities.
The web TV platform is branded and has pre-defined viewing channels for content on specific subjects including highlights, interviews and news.The Ravi Bopara TV on the Yantra TV platform is used to publish, manage videos and monetize the content using sponsorship and pre/post roll adverts.


Kelika TV enabled reach to an international audience via the channel. Post roll ads were used to promote benefit events. It helps to distribute engaging interviews with international cricket stars to a global audience and increased the exposure for the benefit year and supported charities.

The channel attracted sponsors that gained additional exposure to targeted audience, over and above the traditional local reach.