Engaging with sports fans using behind the scenes online video

I recently came across an interesting statistic. 72% of fans who watch a sporting event will watch at least 90 minutes of background video before and after the actual event. Fans want to know what is happening behind the scenes as much as what happens during the game/match/tournament. This is further evidenced by the loyal social media followings sports personalities have.

With membership numbers falling in many clubs, and the average age of membership increasing, clubs need take a fresh approach towards fan and member engagement.

How can sports clubs, outside of the top tier, possibly afford to provide the level of engagement required to satisfy demanding fans?

Web TV provides a platform on which a club can build greater fan engagement. This is vital for improving retention rates, filling seats at events and appealing to younger audiences.

Video is the most engaging content on the Internet as it delivers a short, sharp message which is easy to consume. It retains people on your online channel and keeps your brand sticky.

Of course, the video content you publish needs to be engaging, well produced and relevant. This costs money and this point is usually the sticking point for clubs to adopt web TV.

How can a small or not so well funded club afford to setup and manage their own web TV platform? It can be affordable if implemented correctly. I use a simple formula to calculate the potential.

Good content x audience volume = income
Invest (or get sponsored) good, regular video content.
Use an effective growth programme to grow the size of your audience.
Monetize your good content through advertising.

While income potential will vary depending on the factors above, even small clubs can generate a profit once the formula is applied correctly.

Do it now! Technology moves at a pace and the opportunity to get your web TV channel established is now. If you don’t do it, the club down the road, or across the country will.

Having a well managed web TV channel will enable your club to better engage members and fans; anywhere, anytime and on any platform.

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