Is my sport and related video content interesting or valuable?

The short answer is yes. If you are sharing content on social media platforms, then those platforms tend to make money from your content. It does not matter if your video gets one view or goes viral. The free platforms look at their overall audience volume, across the millions of videos published, and make a small amount of advertising revenue from each view.

Video content should be seen as an asset.

“That’s all well and good for the video social media platforms” I hear you say, “but what’s in it for me?”

If you’re lucky and your videos get a lot of views, then you will get some publicity. If you are like 98% of content owners, then precious few people are going to know it’s even there.

What’s the answer? Build your own video platform like YouTube? Probably not, as that would be outside the scope of most organisations. Buy in a video platform? Again, not the right approach, as simply swapping one platform for another will not itself give you a different result.

Take a step back and create, or have created, a digital strategy which aligns to your business strategy. This needs to include your video and digital marketing strategy, and should include a mechanism to measure effectiveness.

Consider that traditional marketing techniques may not include digital video strategies.You may need to bring in specialists to work with you or your marketing department.

It’s a brave new world where any content created could potentially have its own video channel. Be brave, and make it happen for your organization.

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