The value of digital for sports brands and their commercial partners.

What is the value to sports brands of digital and social media, especially to their commercial partners?

Traditionally brands and their commercial partners see the bulk of their exposure during sporting events. But with the advent of the digital revolution and 24×7 online video, up to 70% of exposure is now outside of the actual events themselves.

The major challenge for sports brands is to be able to measure the effectiveness and reach of their digital coverage, as this has an impact on sponsorship and other commercial deals.

Any digital solution needs to include comprehensive analytics. That being said, analytics data needs to be delivered in a language that business and marketing can understand and use.

Pre and post event engagement keeps your brand sticky and your audience engaged. Don’t be surprised to find that your audience expands beyond the traditional geographic catchment and the demographic shifts inline with digital engagement. This has a positive implications for commercial deals as brand reach grows.

Welcome to the digital age.

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